Saturday, September 10, 2022

Press Release: Poets and Poetry in Oskaloosa Receive Special Day and Recognition


Poets and Poetry in Oskaloosa Receive Special Day and Recognition

OSKALOOSA, IA – Mayor David Krutzfeldt will be signing a proclamation during the September 12 Oskaloosa Write Club meeting designating October 3, 2022 (the first Monday of October) as “Ink Stains Day” in Oskaloosa. Ink Stains is a sister sub-group of Oskaloosa Write Club consisting of area poets. Declaring "Ink Stains Day" by the Mayor is being done to honor area authors and in recognition of poetry as an art form. The signing will take place in the Outer Space of Oskaloosa Art Center and Studios, 115 1st. Ave. West, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Oskaloosa is one of 13 Iowa communities that was awarded an “Iowa Great Places Designation” by the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. Krutzfeldt said, “Much of the reason (for that designation) is the way the arts are interwoven into our culture. It seems to me that some attention should be given to creative writing along with everything else.”

The proclamation gives recognition to area poets and poetry as an artform and reads, in part;

“Whereas, poetry provides opportunities of contemplation and reflection through the words and thoughts of others who aspire to be stewards of our language; and Whereas in honor of local word stewards, those whose poetry manifests creativity as word art, the celebration of which is wholeheartedly embraced locally by Ink Stains – Poets of Mahaska Community and Oskaloosa Write Club; now therefore I, Mayor David Krutzfeldt, do hereby proclaim October 3, 2022 as Ink Stains Day in the City of Oskaloosa and do hereby encourage all citizens to join in this observance.”

Both Write Club and Ink Stains members encourage community members to read a poem, write a poem, and/or share a poem on October 3 as part of honoring poetry as art.

Oskaloosa Write Club was established in September 2021 as a way to connect writers of all sorts in Oskaloosa, Mahaska County and the surrounding area. Novelists, playwrights, short story writers, screenwriters, poets, essayists, and all wordsmiths are welcome to connect during their once-a-month meetings. Ink Stains, which was established in February 2022, is a sister sub-group of Write Club specifically for poets. This group meets twice a month to read and workshop their poetry with friendly, supportive discussion.

More information about Write Club and Ink Stains and their meeting times and locations can be found online at

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