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(We have just a few.)

1. We talk about Write Club.

The first rule of Write Club is that you talk about Write Club! We all get busy and it's easy to forget or miss meetings. But when you talk about Write Club with friends, families, and co-workers, it keeps Write Club at the top of your mind. (And the more you say "I'm a writer!" the more confidence you build!)


2. We meet regularly. Sometimes it's just a few of us; sometime's it's a larger group!


3. We stay focused.


4. We have fun.

5. We offer critique when invited. And we don't take the critique personally.

6. We BYOB. Bring your own (ear) buds if you prefer to listen to music while you write. 

7. Write what you want to write. 

8. Leave your inner editor at home. (That pesky voice inside your head commanding you to rewrite a sentence ten times until it's "perfect"—that's your inner editor. Remind them you can edit later!)

9. No talking during writing sprints. If you finish early, quietly read your work or try to keep writing beyond your word goal!


10. We are kind to each other. :)

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