A common obstacle for writers? Finding the time, space, and focus to just write. 

There's no planned discussion, writing prompts, or guided activities. Instead, order your favorite beverage and settle in with fellow writers.

Depending on the night, we may do relaxed freewriting the whole time. Or, we may do timed writing sprints with brief social breaks in between (write for 20 minutes, chat for 10 minutes, write for 20 minutes, and so on).

Write-ins are informal. Feel free to get an early start, show up late, leave early, or stick around after everyone else heads home. It's up to you!​ All we ask is that if you show up and everyone at the table is deeply engrossed in their laptop or notebook, please just settle in quietly. We're probably in the middle of a writing sprint and will greet you as soon as the time is up! 

When and where:

Write-ins are typically held on Thursdays, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm either at Smokey Row or Wood Iron Grille.

We hope to eventually host weekly or bi-weekly write-ins, but currently, our meetings are more sporadic based on interest and schedules. 

Write-ins are not currently posted on the calendar, but you can request to be notified about them by email. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the email subscription form. You can also just email oskywrites@gmail.com and tell us you're interested.

What to bring:

Whatever you prefer to write with—whether that's a notepad and pen/pencil or your laptop.

What to expect:

No prompts or guided writing activities. Bring whatever you're currently working on and settle in for some focused writing time.